The Wild Wood New Hampshire Collection

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Wild Wood New Hampshire – a collection of wood carvings that explore and celebrate the wildlife that we share our homes with, in the lakes and mountain regions as well as the more urban areas of New Hampshire. Follow this link to see the full portfolio of work that makes up this collection.

I have created a portfolio of one-of-a-kind wood carvings available exclusively through the Ninth Wave Designs website. These carvings offer the opportunity to bring the wilder side of New Hampshire inside, providing a unique visual focal point in the styling of your home.

Each carving in this series represents an investment of my creative time to best capture the essence and details of our woodland neighbors. I create each of these carvings using traditional methods, with carving hand tools of various sizes and shapes to carefully reveal the animals and birds within the wood. This is a slow and careful process, producing work that reflects the investment of the time and thoughtfulness involved in their creation.

The Wild Wood New Hampshire portfolio page represents some of my completed works to date, with plans to regularly add new pieces to the collection going forward. Works in progress include a Great Blue Heron wall piece carved from mahogany wood, a Snowy Owl mantlepiece with a painted finish, and a Great Horned Owl in flight carved from rich butternut wood. Future plans include a pair of Common Loons, Peregrine Falcons,  and the most industrious neighbor of all – the Beaver. Subscribe to the Ninth Wave Designs newsletter using the form below to receive updates as soon as new pieces become available.

It would be such an honor to share my work with you in your home, whether it is one of my created pieces or something custom designed to suite your particular space. I look forward to the opportunity of connecting my work with just the home it was made for. I can think of no better way to share my creative vison and process, honoring the natural world around us that makes New Hampshire such a special place to call home.


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