Getting Started in Wood Carving: Choosing the Right Tools

I’m excited to share that I have written an advice hack for the Uptime app called Getting Started in Wood Carving: Choosing the Right Tools.

My hack covers the basics of selecting carving tools for the beginning wood carver. It gives a brief overview of the challenges of choosing the right tools, and then provides a list of the 12 tools that are a great start for the beginning wood carver.

Below is an embed of a sample section of the hack for you to view:

Once you have set up the app you can access my hack directly using this LINK, or by searching using my name.

The Uptime app offers a wide range of short 5 minute informational hacks for learning and self-improvement, including creative pursuits. The app offers itself as an alternative to doom-scrolling – as a way to both distract yourself with your phone and learn something useful. This app charges a monthly fee, but if you set up an account you get three days of free use  with access to all the hacks. You can read more about the app HERE.

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