Wild Wood New Hampshire

Wild Wood New Hampshire is a series of wood carvings created to celebrate the wildlife we share our homes with in New Hampshire. Created using traditional wood carving hand tools and techniques, these carvings capture the wild nature of the animals and birds they depict, using symbols and invented runic inscriptions to express the grandeur and beauty that the wild creatures living in New Hampshire embody.

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Old Mother of the Night: A Snowy Owl full moon carved in deep relief from basswood, with an oil painted finish, measuring 12″ high by 12″ wide by 2″ deep. Available for purchase.

Inspired by my experiences as a child in the Future Naturalist program at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, where I helped care for a Snowy Owl. The name of this piece comes from the literal translation of the Irish name for an owl, Cailleach Oíche. Read more about the process behind the creation of this wood carving HERE.

Flow Back – The Return of the Atlantic Salmon: Hand carved from Honduran mahogany wood with linseed oil and wax finish, measuring 19″ high by 16″ wide by 1.125″ deep. In a private collection.

This carving celebrates the return of the Atlantic Salmon to their traditional breeding grounds in the Connecticut River in 2015 after a 200 year absence. The salmon’s expressive form is covered in swirling raised spirals representing the resilience and energy the salmon embodies. I created this carving at approximately life size when measured along the full length of the fish. Read more about the process of creating this wood carving HERE.

Flow Back – The Return of the Atlantic Salmon (detail): A view of Flow Back, showing the carved details of the fins of the fish.

Sleeping Bear Triptych (open): Hand carved from butternut wood, with an oil painted finish, measuring 21.5″ high by 31″ wide (open) or 17″ wide (closed) by 2.75″ deep. Available for purchase.

A black bear sleeps in its cozy den in a cave in the forest under the starry light of the Big and Little Dippers. Hand carved runes spell out the secret names of the stars. This carving can be displayed in open or closed position, and was made using concealed hinges and magnetic closures.

Sleeping Bear Triptych (closed): The sleeping bear is visible through the opening at the entrance to its cave. Hand carved stars serve as handles to open the triptych doors. Wormy butternut wood was used for the base.

Sleeping Bear Triptych (detail): A closer look at the sleeping bear showing details of the carved runes at the base. The bear has carved fur texture, and the painted finish allows the natural grain of the butternut to show through.

Stag Shield – Sciath Fia Bairr: Hand carved from Honduran mahogany with linseed oil and wax finish, measuring 22″ high by 22″ wide by 1″ deep. In a private collection.

A rearing stag is surrounded by a ring of runes and alternating clusters of oak leaves and acorns. I carved this large shield from a single piece of reclaimed mahogany wood that features rich coloring and varied grain patterns, resulting in a dynamic presentation in honor of the stags of the New Hampshire woods. Read more about the process of creating this wood carving HERE.

Stag Shield – Sciath Fia Bairr (detail): A closer detail of the carving showing the carved detail around the rim of the shield.

Wild Wood New Hampshire wood carvings are created by Lisa Laughy of Ninth Wave Designs. Lisa has been a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen since 2015 for her work using traditional hand tool based wood carving. She is a native of New Hampshire, spending many years living in New Hampshire’s North Country where her love of NH wildlife deepened. She now lives in Concord, NH, where she creates her carvings in her home studio.

Contact Lisa using the form below if you are interested in purchasing any the carvings shown here, or to begin a conversation about commissioning something special for your home.