Patreon as an Exchange of Kindness

Samhain this year marks two years since I launched my Patreon page, and in thinking about that milestone, I decided it was time to make some adjustments and updates to the structure and function of my support tiers. It has been a wonderful thing for me to build a relationship with my supporters over the last two years through this platform, and my gratitude for it is about much more than the financial support it provides.

What I find in this relationship is an exchange of kindness – the kindness of my patrons’ support met with the kindness of me making and sharing my artwork with them. It is a different relationship from the transaction of selling artwork to someone online or in a gallery, which doesn’t make either any more or less important, but my feelings about it are different. It’s very subtle, and creativity can be the subtlest of beasts, but I feel the difference when I sit down to make the work for my patrons. When I am creating something for them I feel their kindness – of showing up every month to support this work – and that kindness in turn gets reflected in the work I create. It is really a lovely thing.

These thoughts and feelings went into restructuring the support tiers on my Patreon page, and I have shifted the rewards to focus on creating more opportunities for this particular exchange of kindness. Although there are now more tiers to choose from, the choice is simplified to whether you want to receive a quarterly mailing of artwork or not, and what level of support you wish to provide.

Support tiers are now available in two general categories – those with non-tangible rewards and those with tangible (mailed) rewards. Non-tangible reward tiers run from $1.00-$10.00 and include rewards of access to posts, early notifications of new fine art prints, early notification of original art for sale, and provide general support for the creative work I do. These include the Spiral, Double Spiral, Triple Spiral, Full Moon and Sigil tiers. Although these non-tangible tiers end at the $10.00 level, it is also possible to increase your pledge above that amount within your selected tier and still remain in a non-tangible reward tier. See all of the details of these tiers on my Patreon page by clicking HERE.

The tangible rewards tiers begin at the $20 level ($30 for those outside the US) and run upwards to $100. These tangible tiers all include all the same benefits – everything included in the non-tangible tiers, plus the addition of a quarterly mailing of an original work of art or fine art print. The $20 and $30 levels include artwork up to 4″ x 6″ in size, and the $50, $75, and $100 levels include artwork up to 6″ x 8″. As with the non-tangible levels, you can pledge at different higher amounts per tier and receive the same rewards. The tangible tiers include the Cross-Quarter Art (United States), Cross-Quarter Art (International), Talisman I, Talisman II and Talisman III. See all of the details of these tiers on my Patreon page by clicking HERE.

One additional reward that I like to offer my Patreon supporters is the quarterly Gratitude Gifts. These are not a formal part of the reward system, but are instead something I like to do as a bonus-added reward when time and circumstance allows. This gives me the opportunity to further share my gratitude for the support I receive through this platform, and send my supporters something extra to show it. The photo at the top of the post is of the Gratitude Gift I am sending out for Samhain this year – a set of 4 printed tarot size altar cards to mark the Cross-Quarter Celtic seasons. Tiers at the $20 or higher levels qualify for Gratitude Gifts when they are available. The gallery below shows past artwork rewards and Gratitude Gifts I have created for my patrons.

Thank you for supporting my work, whatever that form takes. I look forward to having the opportunity to exchange some creative kindness with you in the new year that the Samhain season ushers in!


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