Form Plaque Project Update

The beginning of June each year brings about the deadline for completing my ongoing commission carving form plaques, and this year I completed plaque number 22 in this series. It seems funny to think there are so many plaques that I have done, but time has flown by and the completed carvings have added up. There are now just 5 empty spaces to fill for missing plaques where there were 20 when I first took this project on in 2010. This project is a N + 1 equation, as each year adds a new plaque that is needed to the total, but I am making progress! I have designs for 3 additional plaques in the works now for a slated completion date of next June 1st.

More detail on this and the other 21 completed carvings can be found on the project website, The Form Plaque Project Blog.

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