Leaping Fox Carving Study: Demonstration Videos

I created three videos to demonstrate the carving and painting process involved in the making of the Leaping Fox carving study. These brief videos show the tools and process I used to created this small carving. This is a follow-up to my earlier post – you can see more photos and information about this project HERE.

The first video shows the use of the Abegglen detail knife in action. This freshly sharpened blade makes very responsive cuts as I refine the form of the body of the fox.


In this second video I apply the black oil paint finish to the front feet of the fox. I have left the natural color of the mahogany wood for most of the coloring, and applied the black paint with small strokes and dry brushing technique to blend with the reddish-brown of the wood.


This final video shows the application of the white paint to the carving. Once the black paint is dry I use a similar technique to apply the white brush strokes and dry brushing to the fox, working over the black paint in a few areas.


Creating a smaller scale test project like this is a helpful way to test out new techniques. It is also a great way to begin conceptualizing the form and movement for a larger scale project. I am pleased with how this scale model turned out, and it is a nice carving on its own, but its scale also represents less of a risk when trying out a new process or trying new materials. This little carving will also be a valuable point of reference when I begin working on the larger project, and the time invested in it will translate into time saved down the road.

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