Walnut Intertwined Hearts


I now have one of my carvings available for sale online through the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen web store, shown above. The Intertwined Hearts carving can be purchased online through the League’s website by clicking HERE.

This carving is made from a warm brown piece of walnut wood, and is hand carved from my original design. I first carved a smaller version of this design for my spouse as a Valentine’s Day gift, shown in the photograph below alongside the unfinished full-size version. In additions to Valentine’s Day, this carving would also make a lovely anniversary or wedding gift, since it represents two hearts intertwined in one continuous unbroken knot.


The Intertwined Hearts carving available for sale measures 7.25″ high by 13.25″ wide and is .75″ deep. The surface of the carving is “from the tool”, meaning that it is not sanded, but is the result of the small cuts from the carving gouges and knives. It may not be apparent in the photographs, but the surface is smooth but faceted, catching light and shadow with its subtly rippled texture. The wood is sealed with a walnut oil and beeswax finish that deepens the color and enhances the beauty of the wood, as you can see in the photograph below.


In this last photo, the walnut Intertwined Hearts carving is shown along side a few other carvings that were all part of my jury session I attended as part of the process of becoming a full League member back in October.


If you are interested in purchasing this wood carving you can do so through the League website link HERE, or contact me directly using the contact form HERE.

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