Triple Raven Tele-Style Guitar Carving Update


I recently completed the carving process of the Triple Raven Tele-style guitar body, shown above. I will spend a few more hours cleaning up around the component routs and giving the whole thing a final touch up, but it is otherwise complete. I am looking forward to sealing this carving with an oil and wax finish which should really make this gorgeous piece of Honduran mahogany wood glow.

I wrote about starting the project a while back on the NWD blog – you can read the full post HERE. Below is a gallery of photos from the various stages of the carving project, with a few newer ones not shown in the earlier post.

I am very pleased with how this carving has developed and I am already designing my next guitar body carving in my head. You can follow future carving projects on my Instagram account HERE, or my Facebook page HERE.






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