Transmutation: From Paper to Wood

I have just added a new gallery to the NWD blog – accessible through the navigation tab located at the top of the page.  This gallery features some of my work done in 3D – carvings in wood.  In addition to creating works on paper, I also find a great deal of creative satisfaction working with wood.

Most of my carving is done using butternut and basswood, two of the softer hardwoods that are ideal for carving.  Basswood is light in color and doesn’t have any of the natural richness that woods like cherry and walnut have, but the straight grain is a delight to carve, and the light even color of the wood makes for a great canvas for paint or stain.

I have found that much of the artwork I create in 2D translates very naturally to 3D relief carving. It wasn’t until I began carving that I realized how much of the design process for my 2D work is conceptualized in relief. I feel as if the years spent designing, drawing, and painting in 2D was actually done in preparation for working in wood, even though that was never part of the thought process at the time. All of the work here has originated in some way with ideas and imagery first explored in drawings and paintings. Transforming these designs into wood is a very satisfying extension of my creative process.

Many of these items are available for sale through my Etsy store which can be viewed by clicking HERE or through the Etsy box in the sidebar.  Below is a preview of the wood carving gallery that now permanently resides on the NWD blog through the navigation link above.  Enjoy!
[nggallery id=2]

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