Inspiration: 500 Handmade Books

I recently came across 500 Handmade Books (Lark Books) at the library where I work, and after renewing it more times than was reasonable, I decided I needed to buy a copy for my personal library at home.  Rather than put it on the bookshelf, I keep it on the corner of my drafting table so that I can easily flip through it for inspiration.  Browsing through the pages of beautiful photographs depicting such a wide variety of handmade books is always an inspiration, and I find it helps me quickly transition into a creative mindset.

One of the featured artists, Mar Goman, uses Moleskine Japanese notebooks, the ones with the accordion pages made from heavier sketchbook paper, and creates an expanding collection of collage based images.  Two of her 2006 books are included in this publication (see images of a similar work HERE).  Her work particularly captures my imagination, and it would be wonderful to be able to hold one of these books in my hands and slowly unfold the visual narrative.


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