Tetractys: Signed Archival Fine Art Print


Alchemy Notebook: Tetractys Signed Numbered Fine Art Print

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Entitled “Alchemy Notebook: Tetractys” the original artwork this print is based on was painted in 2005 using watercolor and ink on the pages of a bound sketchbook. The print reproduces a two page spread from the Alchemy Notebook featuring an ouroboros symbol of a Celtic style serpent eating its tail. The center of the image illustrates a Pythagorean tetractys, a mystical symbol for the number 10. The original painting is shown in the second photo, and it is one in a series of paintings I created exploring alchemical themes and symbols.

This fine art GiclĂ©e print is created on acid-free paper with the same texture and finish as the original, which has a lovely velvety appearance, and accurately reproduces the original painting in size, color and finish. Each print is signed and numbered on the back and this series is an open numbered edition. The print measures 8″ x 10″, with a white border around artwork to allow for matting and framing – the image is 7 1/4″ high and 5 5/8″ wide. The print comes sealed in a clear bag and is carefully packaged and shipped in a rigid mailer with a cardboard support.

The images in this listing include watermarks to prevent unauthorized reproduction of the artwork. Your print will be free from white knotwork wave and copyright notice included in these images.

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10" H x 8" W


archival paper, inks