Swift’s Flight: Signed Archival Fine Art Print


Alchemical Aviary: Air Element Signed Archival Fine Art Print – Swift’s Flight

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This fine art print reproduces my original painting, called Swift’s Flight, created using watercolor and acrylic gouache on paper. The print is created on paper with the same texture and finish as the original artwork, which has a nice velvety appearance.

This acid-free Giclée print reproduces the original painting created in the Alchemical Aviary series. The print shows a swift in flight, with the spiral eddies of the wind that help keep it aloft. Swifts spend most of their lives on the wing, even sleeping in flight, and going for as much as 10 months without landing. This quality is why I chose the swift among all birds to represent the air element, having such a pure relationship with the element in its untethered life. Watching a swift in flight is a joy to see, and is a reminder of the beauty and flow that the air that surrounds us always provides.

This print is numbered and signed open edition – each print is signed and numbered on the back. The print is 8″ x 10″, with a white border around the artwork to allow for matting – the printed portion of the print is 8″ high by 6″ wide. The print is sealed in a clear bag and is carefully packaged and shipped in a rigid mailer with a cardboard support.

The images in this listing include watermarks to prevent unauthorized reproduction of the artwork. Your print will be free from white knotwork wave and copyright notice included in these images.

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10" H x 8" W


archival paper, ink