Samhain Archival Fine Art Print


Samhain Signed Numbered Edition Archival Fine Art Print

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This GicleƩ fine art print reproduces my original painting, created using acrylic inks on paper. The print is made on paper with the same texture and finish as the original, which has a nice velvety appearance. In the second photo I have shown a close up view of the print, to give a sense of the detail and quality of the printing.

I created the original artwork in 1998 as a celebration of the Cetic cross quarter fire festival of Samhain (pronounced SOW-in) – or Halloween. Celtic beliefs held that the sunset of October 31st marked the death of the old year, and at sunrise on November 1st the new year would begin. The night between the old and new year was considered a gap in time, when the veil to the otherworld was thin, and spirits could move freely among the living. Bonfires were lit at sundown to ward off any malevolent spirits, and were kept burning until dawn to celebrate and welcome the birth of the new year.

This print is an open numbered edition and each archival print is signed and numbered on the back. The print measures 8″ x 10″, with an approximately 1″ white border around the artwork – the image portion of the print is 6″ x 8″ . The print is sealed in a clear bag and is carefully packaged and shipped in a rigid mailer with a cardboard support.

The images in this listing include watermarks to prevent unauthorized reproduction of the artwork. Your print will be free from white knotwork wave and copyright notice included in these images.

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10" H x 8" W


archival paper, inks